Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Melissa Sweet

Melissa Sweet actually is. Sweet, that is. Her talk was inspiring, sharing her process and her personal rules of creating.

"I will make a mistake on stage. And you know what? I welcome that first mistake. Because then I can shrug it off and keep smiling. Then I can get on with the performance and turn off that part of the mind that judges everything. I'm not thinking or worrying anymore." — Yo-Yo Ma

Melissa emphasized what Yo-Yo Ma said, encouraging us to not fear making mistakes. In fact, we should make mistakes.  It frees you, releases the tension and opens you up to new opportunities for creativity.

Melissa wants you to throw away your black and start mixing colors, make your own "black." Play with hand lettering, color, perspective, and drawing from life. Keep a journal. Make books (even if it's only for one person). Draw and write every day. Play every day.

"Everything is sweetened by risk." —Melissa Sweet

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